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Absence Management

helping you to return your absent staff back to work…..

bluemouse disability

V+ is designed to provide you with support, actions and solutions around providing the best possible service to your employees who are absent from work due to long term ill-health, injury or disability. It is a flexible programme of tailored assessment and intervention that helps your absent employee to return back to work in the best time possible and in a structured and supportive way - this ensures a happy employee returns to your place of work who will be able to perform effectively.

V+ will provide you with a two tier programme of absence management consultancy options that are flexible and can be tailored to your absent employee:

bluemouse disability


occupational health
immediate needs
return to work
vocational rehab
making reasonable adjustments


self Identification & acceptance
confidence building
return to work preparation
reasonable adjustments into action
in-work support


bluemouse disability

Our unique V+ Programme is designed to empower and incentivise individuals and explore the barriers preventing them returning to work physically, emotionally and financially.

Our years of experience and outstanding people skills lend a hand to positively and imaginatively engaging and connecting with all types of people. Our proven ability to motivate, inspire and imbue self confidence in people enables positive and productive progress back to work.


bluemouse disability

Our V+ Programme is designed around producing in-depth assessment and interventions that are pragmatic, realistic, achievable and sustainable.

We believe in people and making a difference - we work with individuals to help them achieve their potential and goals.

We motivate people to have the self belief and confidence to come to terms with their injury, ill-health or disability in a pragmatic and positive way.

We influence people to adopt a positive and realistic approach to returning to work and the journey this will take.

Added Value: we can also provide expertise on Access to Work funding and work with you to submit a  business-case for funding of reasonable adjustments in the workplace for your disabled member of staff.




some of the consultancy services we can offer you

Bluemouse Disability   Bluemouse Disability