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Deafness is invisible and varied…..

Our experience informs us that deaf people have to contend not only with disability as a result of impaired hearing but also significant difficulty with communication that is verbal or written.

As a highly specialised operator in the Deaf Arena, we can provide consultancy tailored to different types of people who have hearing loss - this expert input will enable you to:

bluemouse disability
  • ensure that your deaf & hard of hearing customers have reasonable access to your buildings, facilities and services
  • meet their assistive and communication needs
  • ensure work stations and working environments are accessible to deaf & hard of hearing staff
  • offer deaf & hard of hearing people employment opportunities

bluemouse disability

Deaf people who do not use sign language…..

Establishing the varied communication and access needs of deaf & hard of hearing people who do not use sign language requires specialist assessment and needs to take in to account a number of factors such as the level of deafness and useful hearing the person has, the communication skills they have acquired and the school education they have received - we can advise and help you with that.

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Deaf people who use sign language….

Deaf people who use sign language stand out from other deaf & hard of hearing people by virtue of their linguistic minority language, their unique communication needs and their culture.

Because we are fluent in sign language and have particularly strong deaf expertise, we are able to offer highly specialist consulting over and above what we can provide through our usual suite of disability consultancy services.

bluemouse disability

Access and making reasonable adjustments…..

Our access and analysis audits identify the access requirements and reasonable adjustments you need to consider whether it is for your building, your services or for your facilities such as a conference centre or a meeting room.

Our tailored workplace disability / deaf accessibility assessments are designed to provide you and your deaf member of staff with pragmatic advice, information, recommendations and solutions to ensure all is in place in relation to the provision of reasonable adjustments.

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Communication takes place in a number of ways from using the spoken word to the written word, and in a number of settings such as in meetings, training rooms, internet, publications, media, and so on.

With deaf and hard of hearing people it is essential that communication is accessible, is understood both ways and meets the needs of the individual - we can advise and help you with that.

bluemouse disability

Customer Service…..

How you deal with deaf & hard of hearing people in relation to communication, customer handling, use of appropriate language, etiquette and customer care is highly important to get right.

Our tailored deaf confidence training & consultancy covers the assistive and communication needs of all types of deaf people and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to deal with deaf & hard of hearing staff, customers, visitors and service-users.

bluemouse disability

Information through sign language…..

If you provide written, electronic or media information, provide meetings, events or conferences, or provide information by website, video streaming, or DVD, then you need to think how this information is made accessible to deaf people who use sign language as their preferred language.

We can make your information accessible by adapting or translating your information in to visual information - e.g. providing a video of a signer on your web pages who signs the information on that page.

bluemouse disability

Deaf Education…..

We have a particular interest in the education of deaf children and young people and how pre-school providers, schools, colleges and universities provide person-centred learning and progression. It is unfortunate that education and transitions is in the main failing deaf children &young people, and is resulting in the emergence of young adults who are not confident, have little independence and generally have poor literacy and low academic qualifications.

We are experts in working with educational providers of all ages in addressing this national demise and putting into place positive and progressive learning and support that is fit for purpose.



some of the consultancy services we can offer you

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