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Disability Consultancy

We can provide you with our disability expertise and consultancy support in any part of your organisation whether it is HR-Recruitment-Procurement-Commissioning-Training & Development-Corporate-Marketing-ICT-Building & Facilities-Service Delivery-Customer Service.

how we do this



bluemouse disability
  • by understanding your organisation and its culture of working
  • by enabling you to understand why getting it right with disability makes good business sense and  will produce significant benefits for you
  • by working with you to imbed disability good practice throughout your organisation or company so that it becomes an inclusive part of your day to day thinking, planning, operation and delivery
  • we can examine - assess - audit - measure - mediate - resolve
  • provide you with information - advice - guidance - support - coaching - training - learning - development
  • we are good at listening - communicating - connecting - motivating - influencing - leadership - change management

key deliverables

We can help you get it right with disability good practice in the key areas of people, buildings, services, communication and information, and by doing so, we can help you to become an outstanding disability competent and confident organisation or company.

  •  consultancy
  •  strategy
  •  engagement
  •  learning
  •  leadership
  •  culture
bluemouse disability

We ensure your staff when dealing with members of the public or customers who have a disability are competent and confident in their customer service, customer handling and use the correct communication and etiquette.

 We ensure your managers who have responsibility for staff are competent and confident in making sure disabled staff feel valued and receive the right level of support and reasonable adjustments to enable them to develop and perform well in their job.

bluemouse disability

We ensure your buildings and facilities are competent and fit for purpose in relation to being accessible and user-friendly.

Disabled people whether they are staff who work in the building or are visitors/service-users using the building or are customers who spend their money in the building, then it makes good organisational and business sense to ensure an inclusive design and build is in place.

Disabled people should not be inconvenienced and have a negative experience when entering, circulating, using, and exiting your premises.

bluemouse disability

We ensure your services are competent and fit for purpose in relation to being accessible and user-friendly.

Your services should take into account the differing needs of disabled people, to have inbuilt reasonable adjustments, processes and procedures that will ensure that your service is not inconveniencing people.

Disabled customers, visitors or service-users are entitled to have the same level of services and provision as anyone else.

bluemouse disability

We ensure your communication is efficient and accessible in relation to communicating with people, the medium employed, and the language, content & etiquette used.

Whenever communication takes place whether it is spoken, written, electronic or visual, you should have in place in-built mechanisms and processes that ensure it is understood and able to be reciprocated by disabled people.

Wherever communication takes place you should also consider the accessibility of the environment where it takes place such as a meeting, a training event or a conference.

bluemouse disability

We ensure your information is clear and accessible in relation to its format, content and medium used.

Accessible information needs to be easy to see, easy to read and easy to understand. You should have in place in-built policy and processes that ensures information is presented in a way that does not inconvenience disabled people whether it is electronic, written or printed.

This would apply to internet, websites, emails, forms, correspondence, leaflets, posters, publications, display signs, directional & information signs etc.

bluemouse disability

education of disabled children and young people…..

We have a particular interest in how pre-school providers, schools, colleges and universities provide person-centred learning and progression. It is unfortunate that education and transitions is in the main failing disabled children &young people, and is resulting in the emergence of young adults who are not confident, have little independence and generally have poor literacy and low academic qualifications.

We are experts in working with educational providers of all ages in addressing this national demise and putting into place positive and progressive learning and support that is fit for purpose.

3 key service products for you to consider

check out if your organisation is a disability confident one…..

bluemouse disability Taking the Pulse…..a free introductory offer
At no cost to you we will meet up with you and audit your organisation using our taking the pulse analysis consultancy - this mini audit will enable us to make an initial assessment of your compliance against disability-specific legal requirements plus disability good practice benchmarks.We will then provide you with a mini report incorporating our findings allied to traffic light indicators highlighting areas of good performance and areas that require attention.

book now on 07773 389883


helping you to return your absent staff back to work…..

bluemouse disability V+ managing absence from work consultancy is designed to provide you with support, actions and solutions around providing the best possible service to your employees who are absent from work due to long term ill-health, injury or disability. It is a flexible programme of tailored assessment and intervention that helps your absent employee to return back to work in the best time possible and in a structured and supportive way - this ensures a happy employee returns to your place of work who will be able to perform effectively.   

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providing you with employment support…..

hr+ hr+ managing & developing people consultancy is designed to provide you with support, actions and solutions around employment relations. Our formidable knowledge of employment relations issues faced by organisations of all types enables us to reduce employment tribunal costs, improve productivity and retention of staff, legislative compliance and improved communication and consultation. hr+ also provides you with people development & management consultancy designed to get the best out of staff who either have disability or have recently returned to work after illness or injury in terms of development, progression and performance - this includes advising and supporting HR and line managers in relation to performance reviews and appraisals plus staff engagement, training and development.

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some of the consultancy services we can offer you

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