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People Development

motivate - influence - inspire - educate - develop

We provide practical and inspirational learning and development to public organisations or businesses enabling your people to become disability competent and confident when dealing with disabled staff or customers.

We are also passionate about developing and progressing disabled people - to inspire them to have ambition, to have dreams and to have positive expectations.

assess - empower - prepare - support

We believe in people and making a difference - we work with individuals to help them achieve their potential and goals.

We motivate people to have the self belief and confidence to be pragmatic and positive about their disability.

We influence people to adapt and adopt in a realistic way towards their job of work and how to maximise their opportunities to achieve and prosper.

We inspire people to have ambition, to have dreams and to have positive expectations.

supporting, developing & growing people…..

  • leaders & managers
  • line managers who have staff
  • customer facing staff
  • staff who have disability
  • disabled people who are out of work
  • self employed people who have disability

nurturing your staff to get the best out of them…..

People who are valued and invested in, always perform. We offer learning and development in a flexible and supported way, working with you to get the best value out of staff development investment.

Providing correctly trained disability competent and confident people will enable you to meet your legal disability requirements and also enable disability good practice to become integrated into your day to day thinking, planning, operations and delivery.

cultivating disabled people…..

We enjoy the challenge of developing and supporting disabled people, whether they are in or out of work, through person centred approaches designed to provide effective performance and realisation of potential.

We identify the barriers preventing progression and remove them, enable people to accept their disability, put in to place reasonable adjustments, promote high expectations, draw up a learning and development pathway and then make it happen.



some of the consultancy services we can offer you

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