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taking the pulse  

bluemouse disability

Taking the Pulse is designed to assist you in assessing the current disability-specific performance and risk of your organisation or company with regard to:

  • corporate buy-in
  • employment and retention of disabled staff
  • buildings you work in or provide from
  • provision of your goods and services in that it meets the needs of disabled people
  • information and communication that is accessible to disabled people


Taking the Pulse provides a snapshot of what is working well and what could work better in relation to the day to day incorporation of disability best practice within your organisation or company - it is a forensic journey that leaves no stone untruned. It seeks out an assessment of the effectiveness and level of activity in the key areas of organisation, delivery and performance. We then work with you in mapping out strategy and actions that will enable a disability confident organisation or company to emerge.


analysis and evaluation

We undertake analysis & evaluation through:

  • audits
  • reviews
  • impact assessments
  • risk assessments
  • mystery customer surveys
Taking the Pulse can cover a number of specific areas of your organisation or company with the purpose of establishing a current snapshot of disability-specific activity and perforamce – in essence what is working well and what could work better.

bluemouse disability


  • policy
  • procedures
  • processes
  • practices

         products and services

  • design
  • organisation
  • delivery
  • customer service


  • recruitment
  • selection
  • training & development
  • progression
  • absence
  • retention


  • information
  • communication medium
  • media
  • etiquette

         buildings and facilities

  • getting in, around and out
  • accessibility of facilities
  • working environment
  • customer service environment

          quality management

  • data collation
  • management information
  • quality assurance

some of the consultancy services we can offer you

Bluemouse Disability   Bluemouse Disability